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The South African
Radio League

at Lochinvar Farm

date: 19th November  2011 time: 11.00am




Members and Visitors in attendance:

Andre Meintjes                                ZS1AZ

Sam Mcleary                                    ZS1OR

Hakkies Hagendoorn                      ZU1HAK

Okko de Jamear                               ZS1OKO

Koos Verhoef                                  ZS1KV

Kosie Smit                                        ZS1SR

Carel Bosch                                      ZS1HP

John Martin                                      ZS1DI

Stuart Moag                                      ZR1STU

Willie Long                                      ZS1WHL

Patrick Yeadon                                ZS1PDY

Frikkie Rabie                                   ZS1FH

Pierre Tromp                                    ZS1HF

Tony Thomas                                   ZS1AET

Bernard Tyler                                  ZS1TYL

Matt Greyvensteyn                         ZS1MJJ

Japie Venter                                     ZS1PJV

Chris de Wit                                     ZS1CK

Hennie van Rensburg                     ZS1HR

Alex Smith                                       ZS1L

John Watson                                    ZS1WJ

Judy Gardner                                   ZS1JEG

Dixie Walsh

Liz Yeadon

Dianna de Wet

Kim van der Vyver

Harry Carsson

Chrystal Meintjes

Riaan Alberts

Pierre Meintjes

Zusett Meintjes

Pixie Fey




Len        ZS1LEN

Riaan     ZR1RVN 

Frank     ZS1FCS


Andre confirmed that the meeting had a quorum.

It was confirmed that everyone had received notice of the meeting.

Other business:

Sam ZS1 OR  showed us  the shirts we need to purchase which will be embroidered with the club name and logo. Light blue golf style shirts available at Mr. Price.  With a minimum order of 10 shirts the embroidery costs are about 25 Rand each.

The Newsletter:  We still  need to give some input to the newsletter. Photos and diagrams  of projects etc.

And do check out our club web page as well.  

 Bulletin: Will be 80m only

Echo link is down. Hard drive problem.

The club has decided to purchase 2m rig for Echo link. (from Len)

John Watson has donated a computer box to the club.


Next meetings:     February 2012  Field Day        March 2012   AGM       


Meeting closed at 11.20

Minutes of General Club Meeting

at  SANSA facilities

Date: 17 September 2011  Time:11:00


Members in Attendance


Andre Meintjes                                               ZS1AZ

Judy Gardner                                                  ZS1JEG

John Martin                                                    ZS1DI

Len van Riell                                                  ZS1LEN

Sam McLeary                                                 ZS1OR

Cor Streicher                                                  ZS1QS

JC Rabe                                                           ZU1JR

Kosie Smit                                                      ZS1SR

Japie Venter                                                    ZS1PJV

John Watson                                                   ZS1WJ




Johan le Roux                                                 ZXS1RX

Schalk van Vuuren                                         ZS1LL

Chris de Wit                                                   ZS1CK

Toby Kleyn                                                     ZS1TSK

Pierre Meintjes                                               Guest

Renier van Wyk                                              Guest




Willie Long                                                    ZS1WHL

Hennie van Rensburg                                     ZS1HR

Jack Topham                                                  ZSL435

Koos Verhoef                                                 ZS1KV

Okko de Jamaer                                              ZS1OKO

Riaan van Niekerk                                          ZR1RVN

Frank Coetzer                                                 ZS4FC

Arthur Jordaan                                                ZS1AIJ



Chairman:  Andre, ZS1AZ, opened the meeting and introduced Kobus Olckers of the South African National Space Agency.

Kobus has the portfolio of research into space weather and gave us a very interesting and informative presentation on some of the aspects of his work.  He touched on the relevance to Amateur Radio but due to our time constraints had to conclude the presentation at that point.  We hope he will return next year to give us a continuation. (this site has a tab for Ham specific forecasts).

You can also follow on Twitter.


Andre confirmed that the meeting had a quorum.

It was confirmed that everyone had received notice of the meeting and minutes of the June meeting.


There was no other business


WCRWG:  Western Cape Repeater Working Group meeting….phone link to Andre, if he is available and Len.


Newsletter:  The newsletter is going digital and needs a new cover page (Len).

It is a quarterly publication.

We all need to give some input to the newsletter.  Photos, diagrams of projects, etc.

Do check out our club web page as well.

Andre has got it all set up and now we need to make it work!



Monday, 12 September, Echolink was down.  A new hard drive needed for a laptop.  2 or 3gb.

80m (3.680mHz) wide open evenings


Field Weekend

The club will take part in Field Weekend HF Competition 19th November 2011.

We will also have our end of the year function on the same day.

The AWA (Antique Wireless Association) will also be joining us and bringing some interesting wireless equipment to show us, and there is a plan to have a swop shop too!

More information closer to the time, but meanwhile please Save this date!



Okko is still waiting feedback from the cell company


Next Meeting:

19th November at Stanford.

You will be kept up to date.


Meeting closed at 13:10 with the usual braai afterwards


Overberg Amateur Radio Club


date:11th June 2011 time: 11.00am





ZS1WHL  Willie Long

ZS1HP Karl Bosch



Chairman: Andre (ZS1AZ) welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced

Dr Lee Ann Mckinnel  (ZS2LAW) of Sansa who gave an interesting presentation about the history of the HMO and the work done by SANSA: space science, science advancement and the continuing magnetic research.

The presentation was followed by a chance for members to ask questions:

magnetic field pole swap, MRI equipment at neighbouring hospital, HF and solar activity, Amateur radio and science for children and young people, linking amateur radio to technology , internet based amateur radio, amateur satellites.


Andre confirmed that the meeting had a quorum.


Judy ZS1JEG read the minutes fro the AGM

John ZS1DI gave the treasurers report


Other business:

The Newsletter:

Needs a new front page for the digital version. Len

Contributions needed from all members.

The Website:

Andre working on getting new features: a forum, swap shop etc.

The Bulletin

Problems with dead bands for the Monday sessions.

Echo link still giving some problems.

Software update??

Light house weekend:

20th 21st August

Repeaters: Len and  Oko

New one has been donated. Hoping to be installed on a new cellphone tower in Napier.

Current repeater will remain at SANSA



Next meeting will be in September at SANSA. Judy to contact Dave Wright one month before the meeting for security arrangements.

Research venues for end of year function and field day meeting in November

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at approx. 1.00pm



                    Andre Meintjes                           ZS1AZ

                    Judith Gardner                           ZS1JEG

                    John Martin                                ZS1DI

                    John Watson                              ZS1WJ

                    Arthur Jordaan                           ZS1AIJ

                    Cor Streicher                             ZS1QS

                    Toby Kleyn                                ZS1TSK

                    Len van Riell                              ZS1LEN

                    Tony Thomas                             ZS1AET

                    Kosie Smit                                 ZS1SR

                    Jack Topham                             ZSL435

                    Japie Venter                              ZS1PJV

                    Okko de Jamaer                        ZS1OKO

                    Sam McLeary                            ZS1OR





                    Hermie Rossouw                        ZS1HI

                    Pierre Meintjes                           Listener

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