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Postby admin » January 4th, 2012, 4:20 pm

This is actually John and Matt's department. I will just start the ball rolling. The AWA (Antique Wireless Association) is on the air every Saturday morning at 07:30 on 7.070mHz and also at 08:30 on 14.125mHz. I hope that this info is correct. They can edit it.
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Postby admin » February 26th, 2012, 7:14 am

Yes it is again time to do a bit of talking to each other about our special 'hobby' the old stuff,and get together for a bit of fun in the sun.
We are planning to have small expo of Old Equipment at the QTH of OM John and Judy near Stanford. The idea is to have the 'Expo' running for the entire Easter weekend so that those interested that are in the area can pop in and see what it is all about, those that want to stay for day will also be most welcome.
The idea is to set up a display of old Radios, Transmitters and periferal equipment ( vfo's tuners and homebrew stuff) - mostly valve sets as well as one or two of the Hybrids.
A list of some of the radios that will be on display is at the end of this newsletter so if you have something unique that you want to show please bring it along - even restorations that are not complete will also be welcome.( please send me an e-mail so that I can update the list)

OM Richard ZS6TF who is the current president of the AWA will be with us for the entire weekend - his willingness to participate is greatly appreciated as he is very involved in restoration of the old rigs.

1 Displays will be set up in the hanger - this is secure and will be locked at night

2 The 'Expo' will be open each day of the Easter weekend - Saturday afternoon from about
1600h will be the focal point of the 'Expo' and one or two amateurs will present some very
Interesting discussions about our great hobby. The idea is to create an interactive
Discussion for those who want to contribute or for those who need to ask questions.

3 After all the talking we want to have a bring and braai - There are camping facilities if you
Want to stay over on Saturday night just bring your camping kit.

List of Equipment for display
KWM - 2A, Ext. Vfo, Station controller
75A4 Receiver
32V2 Transmitter
Maurauder Transmitter
Mowhawk Receiver
DX100-U Transmitter
HR-20 & HX-20 Transmitter and Receiver
SB400 & SB401 TX & RX SB - 610 Monitor Scope
Hallicrafters SX-28
Hallicrafters SX- 100
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Postby A22LL ZS1LL » July 26th, 2014, 7:21 pm

Hi all, seems that NO-ONE is using this page and I wonder why. I get hold of 2 green monsters.Heathkit SB-101 & SB-102 in good condition, but needs tlc and some rebuilging inside. Im busy with the SB-101 and need some parts, I got hold of the 2-pin mic male & female plugs that's go into the SB-101.
Parts needed:
(1) mic plug, 2-pin male & female for the SB-102
(2) Ext speaker
(3) mic's 2 off
(4) the female plug that goes from the Psu to the tranceiver. a complete cabel will be the best.

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